Appearances Illumination PropertyManager

The Appearances Illumination PropertyManager sets lighting properties for a decal.

To display this PropertyManager:

In the DisplayManager, click View Appearances . Right-click an appearance and select Appearance. In the PropertyManager, click Advanced and click the Illumination tab.


Dynamic Help Displays pop-up tooltips for each property.
Diffuse Amount Controls intensity of light on a surface. A higher value makes the surface appear brighter.
Specular Amount Controls the intensity of highlights, making the surface appear shinier. A lower value reduces highlights. Dependencies: Specular Spread must be greater than 0.
Specular Color Controls the color of reflected highlights within the specular component. Double-click to select color. Dependencies: Specular Spread and Specular Amount must be greater than 0.
Specular Spread Controls the blurriness of reflections on a surface, making the surface appear rough or smooth. Higher values make highlights larger and softer. Dependencies: Specular Amount must be greater than 0. Specular Color must not be black. When Blurry Reflections is disabled, affects reflections of physical lights only. When Blurry Reflections is enabled, includes environmental and self-reflections.
Reflection Amount Controls the reflectivity of a surface, on a scale of 0 to 1. If set to 0, no reflections are visible. If set to 1, the surface simulates a perfect mirror.
Blurry Reflections Enables blurring of reflections on surfaces. The level of blurring is controlled by Specular Spread. When Specular Spread is 0, no blurring occurs. Dependencies: Specular Spread and Reflection Amount must be greater than 0.
Transparent Amount Controls the degree to which light can pass through a surface. Lower values increase the opacity; 0 is completely opaque. Higher values increase the transparency; 100 is completely transparent.
When you change the appearance illumination, all the changes are visible if you use Final Render. If you use RealView or OpenGL, only some changes are visible.