DXF/DWG Output PropertyManager

Use the DXF/DWG Output PropertyManager to export any planar face or named view from a part file to one or more DXF or DWG files. A preview lets you remove entities. An expanded set of geometric entities is available when you export a sheet metal flat pattern.

To open this PropertyManager:

With a part open, do one of the following:

  • Save the part (File > Export As) to a .dxf or .dwg file type.
  • Select one or more planar faces, click File > Export As, and choose a .dxf or .dwg file type.
  • Select one or more planar faces and click Export to DXF / DWG.
  • In the FeatureManager design tree for a sheet metal part, right-click Flat-Pattern and click Export to DXF / DWG.

After you click Save, the PropertyManager appears.


The type of export depends on the context from which you opened the PropertyManager:

Sheet metal Exports sheet metal flat patterns to DXF or DWG files for cutting.
Faces / loops / edges Exports planar faces to DXF or DWG files for machining.
Annotation views Exports views such as Front or Isometric.

What to Export

Entities to Export Sheet metal. Choose the type of entities to export. Geometry is selected by default.
Entities to Export Faces / loops / edges. When you select entities in the graphics area, their names are listed.
Views to Export Annotation views. Select the standard or custom views to export. Standard views are marked with an asterisk.

Output Alignment

Origin Sets the origin. Click any vertex or leave blank to use the model origin.
  X axis, Y axis Sets the X and Y axes. Select orthogonal edges.
Reverse X Axis Direction, Reverse Y Axis Direction  

Export Options

Single file Exports all selections to a single file.
Separate files If you select multiple faces, edges, or sketches to export, exports each to its own file.

Preview Window

When you click , the DXF/DWG Cleanup window appears. Use standard view commands to examine the result. Remove entities that you do not want to export.

Previous Layout, Next Layout For exporting to more than one file, changes the preview to the previous or next file.
Previous View Returns to the previous view.
Zoom to Fit Displays the entire entity within the Cleanup window.
Zoom to Window Selects a smaller area of the entity to view in the window.
Zoom In/Out Displays the preview in more or less detail.
Pan Changes the position of the preview display.
  Remove Entities Deletes all selected entities.
Undo Restores the entities you last removed.
Redo Deletes the entities you last restored.