Indent PropertyManager

To create indent features:

  1. Click Indent (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Indent.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Selections:
    1. Select a solid or surface body to indent in the graphics area for Target Body .
    2. Select one or more solid or surface bodies in the graphics area for Tool Body Region .
    3. Choose the side of the model to keep by selecting Keep Selections or Remove Selections. These options invert the side of the target body to indent.
    4. Select Cut to remove the intersection area of the Target Body , whether a solid or a surface. In this case there is no Thickness, but Clearance is still applied.
      If the tool body is a surface, and you are cutting material, a manipulator appears to control the cut direction. To invert the side of the material to cut, click the manipulator in the graphics area or select Flip Cut Direction in the PropertyManager.
  3. Under Parameters:
    1. Set the Thickness (solids only) to determine the thickness of the indent feature.
    2. Set the Clearance to determine the clearance between the target and tool bodies. Click Reverse Direction if necessary.
  4. Click .