Edit Scene PropertyManager - Advanced

The Edit Scene PropertyManager - Advanced tab sets advanced controls for a scene.

To display this tab:

In the DisplayManager, click View Scene, Lights, and Cameras. Right-click Scene and select Edit Scene. Click the Advanced tab.

Floor Size/Rotation

  Fixed aspect ratio Scales the floor uniformly as you change Width or Height.
  Autosize floor Resizes the floor based on the model bounding box.

Width and Depth Resizes the width or depth of the floor.
  Aspect ratio Read only. Displays the current aspect ratio.
Rotation Rotates the floor relative to the environment. Rotate the environment to change the reflections on the model. The effect is visible when an appearance is reflective and Background Type is Use Environment.

Scene File

Browse Selects a different scene file to use.
  Save Scene Saves the current scene to a file. You are prompted to make the folder to which you saved the scene visible on the Task Pane.

When you save a scene, the physical lights associated with the model are also saved.