Export to AEC - Step 2: To Keep

You can use Step 2: To Keep of the Export to AEC wizard to specify features to retain, such as mounting holes, that might be removed when you manually remove features.

To display the Step 2: To Keep screen of the Export to AEC wizard:

  1. Click Tools > Export to AEC.
  2. Complete the Type and Orientation screen and click .
  3. On the Specify Export Details screen, for Set Target Model Details, select Custom and click .
  4. Complete Step 1: Components and click to advance to the next wizard screen.

Features to Keep

Features to Keep Specifies features to retain in the less-detailed model. Select features to retain that might be removed by the Defeature tool. Items that you can select include:
  • Subassemblies
  • Parts
  • Features, including assembly features and suppressed features
  • Reference geometry
  • Routing points
  • Sketches


(Optional). Provides tools that facilitate selection of hole features. Click to choose a method.

Select all holes Selects all holes in the model and adds them to Features to Keep.
Select holes between Selects holes in the range you specify and adds them to Features to Keep. Specify the range of hole sizes to select:

Minimum Value

Maximum Value

Section View

View and select internal components.

  Reference Section Plane/Face Specifies the plane or face to use to section the model. Select a plane or face, or click Front , Top , or Right to create the section view. Reverse Section Direction changes the direction of the cut.
Offset Distance Offsets the section from the reference plane by a specified distance.
X Rotation Rotates the section plane along the X-axis.
Y Rotation Rotates the section plane along the Y-axis.