Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation is a tool that displays the amount of time it takes to rebuild each feature in a part. Use this tool to reduce rebuild time by suppressing features that take a long time to rebuild. This tool is available in all part documents.

To use performance evaluation:

  1. Open a part document.
  2. Click Performance Evaluation (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation.
    The Performance Evaluation dialog box appears with a list of the following:
    • Number of Features
    • Number of Solid bodies (includes BREP, mesh, and hybrid bodies), Graphics bodies, and Surface bodies.
    • Graphics triangle count. This is the total for all bodies. Higher image quality requires more triangles, which impacts performance.
    • Face count. This is the total for all bodies. It gives you an idea of the complexity of the geometry. A high face count impacts the model performance and file size. It also impacts 3D printing performance.
    • Total rebuild time in seconds
    • Feature Order. Lists each item in the FeatureManager design tree: features, sketches, and derived planes. Use the shortcut menu to edit feature definition, suppress features, and other actions.
    • Time %. Displays the percentage of the total part rebuild time to regenerate each item.
    • Time(s). Displays the amount of time in seconds that each item takes to rebuild.
  3. Click Feature Order.
    This sorts the features to match the FeatureManager design tree.
  4. Click one of the following:
    • Print.
    • Copy. Copies the Feature Statistics so you can paste them into another file.
    • Refresh.
  5. Click Close.