Hide and Show Bodies

With multibody parts, you can hide or show surface or solid bodies using View > Hide/Show > Bodies.

To hide and show bodies:

  1. Open a document containing multiple surface or solid bodies.
  2. Click View > Hide/Show > Bodies.
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Hidden Bodies, select bodies in the graphics area for Surface/Solid Bodies .
    When you select a body, it becomes translucent in the graphics area.

  4. Click .
    The entities you selected remain hidden.

  5. To preview hidden bodies, in the FeatureManager design tree, do one of the following:
    • To preview a single hidden body, select the body.
    • To preview multiple hidden bodies, press Shift or Ctrl and select the bodies.
    • To remove the preview, click in the graphics area to deselect the body.
    In the graphics area, the body appears as transparent.
  6. Click View > Hide/Show > Bodies again to open the PropertyManager.
  7. Select the translucent bodies in the graphics area. You can select some or all of the translucent bodies.
  8. Click .
    The translucent entities you selected are visible again.

    You can also use the shortcut menu to hide a surface without using the PropertyManager to preview the entities you select. To show the hidden surface again, click View > Hide/Show > Bodies, select the translucent bodies in the graphics area and click .

    You can still select from the FeatureManager design tree to Hide or Show, but it does not open the PropertyManager or display the model in a translucent state.
    When you multiselect bodies, planes, or sketches that have a combination of shown and hidden states in the FeatureManager design tree, the context toolbar shows both the Hide and Show tools.

    You can click Hide or Show to change the visibility state of all the selected entities.