Name Snapshot Dialog Box

When you create a new snapshot, you can assign a name to it.

The name appears in the Snapshots folder, which is located on the Scenes, Lights and Cameras pane of the DisplayManager tab, and at the top of the preview of the snapshot.

To open the Name Snapshot dialog box:

Click Take Snapshot tool_Take_Snapshot_View.gif or View > Lights and Cameras > Take Snapshot, or press Alt + Spacebar.

In the dialog box:
Snapshot name Lets you type a name for the snapshot. The default is Snapn.
Snapshot names:
  • Cannot be duplicated
  • Must contain at least one alphanumeric character
You can rename an existing snapshot. In the DisplayManager, click-pause-click the snapshot, type the new name, and press Enter.
A snapshot named Home is created whenever you open an assembly. If you make changes such as hiding components, zooming, and rotating, you can double-click the Home snapshot to return the graphics area to the state it was in when you opened the assembly. You cannot remove or rename the Home snapshot and you cannot add comments to it.