Display Style Options

You can set options for the default display of edges in all drawing documents.

To set the default display of edges in drawing documents:

Click Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings > Display Style.

Click Reset to restore factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.

Display style

Specifies the way parts or assemblies appear in drawing views:
Wireframe Displays all edges.
Hidden lines visible Displays visible and hidden edges as specified in Line Font Options.
Hidden lines removed Displays only edges that are visible at the chosen angle; obscured lines are removed.
Shaded with edges Displays items in shaded mode with hidden lines removed. You can specify a color for the edges, and set whether to use the specified color or a color slightly different than the model color in the System Colors Options.

High quality or Draft quality available when you select Shaded with edges. Select High quality to prevent far side edges from displaying on the near side face of a model.

Shaded Displays items in shaded mode.

Tangent edges

If you selected Hidden lines visible or Hidden lines removed, select one of the following modes for viewing tangent edges (the transition edges between rounded or filleted faces):
Visible A solid line.
Use font A line using the default font for tangent edges defined in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Line Font. (You must have a drawing document active to access this option.) Select Hide ends to hide the start and end segments of tangent edges. You can also set the color for this type of tangent edge.
Removed Not displayed.

Edge quality

You can select High quality or Draft quality for Edge quality for wireframe and hidden views and Edge quality for shaded edge views.
  • High quality. Model resolved, used for greater precision.
  • Draft quality. Model lightweight, used for faster performance with large assemblies.