Document Properties - Detail View Labels

You can specify document-level drafting settings for detail view labels.

To open this page:

With a drawing open, click Options (Standard toolbar), select the Document Properties tab, and then select Views > Detail.

Overall drafting standard

Overall drafting standard Inherited from the selected Drafting Standard page settings.

Base detail view standard

Base detail view standard
Select a standard:
  • ANSI
  • ISO
  • DIN
  • JIS
  • BSI
  • GOST
  • GB


Circle Style Select a style for the source view circle.
Circle Thickness Select a thickness or select Custom Size and enter a thickness.


Border Style Select a style for the detail view border.
Border Thickness Select a thickness or select Custom Size and enter a thickness.

Detail circle text

Applies font settings to the source view.


Click to modify the font.

Detail Circle Text Example

View label text

Applied font settings to the detail view label.


Click to modify the font.

View Label Text Example

Label options

Per standard Select to adhere to the base standard. Clear to modify view label parameters:
  • Name. Select a title to appear in the view label, or type your own title.
  • Label. Select the way the label letter corresponding to the label on the parent view appears in the view label.
  • Scale. Select a label for the scale, or type your own label.
  • Delimiter. Select a scale display option:
    • To present the scale with two numbers separated by a delimiter select:
      • X:X
      • X/X
      • (X:X)
      • (X/X)
    • To present the scale as the ratio of two numbers followed by X select # X.
    • To hide the scale, select <None>.
  • Remove space in scale around colon (:) and slash (/). Select to remove space in the scale label.
  • A label display option:
    • Stacked. Display the view label with the name and label stacked on top of the scale.
    • In-line. Display the name and label on the same line.
Display label above view Select to display the label above the view.
Include location labels for new views Select to automatically add a location label to the detail view and the detail circle.
Scale by view scale for jagged outline Select to automatically scale jagged outlines to the drawing view scale.


Select a layer.
You must first create layers for the drawing before you can select them for document properties.

Detail view label layer settings override detail view label Circle Style and Border Style settings.