Rapid Prototype (3D Printing)

Access a rapid prototyping device if the device supports the SOLIDWORKS 3D Printer driver specification and the driver is installed on your system.

To access a rapid prototyping device:

Click File > Print3D, select from the options described below, then click OK.

The parameters you need to set depend on the print driver implementation.

3D Printer Tab

Controls Rapid Prototype printer selection and type of output, which are defined by the printer vendor and implemented by the printer driver. When you select a printer, its logo appears at the right.

Name Specifies the printer.
Output Specifies the type of output.

If supported by the printer driver, the following read-only fields are displayed:

  • Status
  • Type
  • Where
  • Comment
  • Build Envelope (specifies the maximum bounding volume that the device supports)

Build Orientation Tab

Controls Rapid Prototype model orientation. The options available depend on the printer driver.

Use default printer orientation When selected, the other options are not available. When cleared, choose one of the remaining options.
Minimize build time  
Best surface quality  
Specified in advanced settings  
Preset orthogonal orientations Cycle through the orientations and specify Z Rotation.


Specify parameters such as Number of copies, Scale, Material, and Print Quality and view Build Statistics, depending on the print driver implementation.

If Advanced Settings is available, it provides additional vendor-specific options.