Editing the Default Bend Radius, Bend Allowance, Bend Deduction, or Relief Type

A Sheet-Metal1 feature in the FeatureManager design tree indicates a sheet metal part. The Sheet-Metal1 feature contains the default bend parameters.

To edit the default bend radius, bend allowance or bend deduction, or default relief type:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Sheet-Metal and click Edit Feature .
  2. Under Sheet Metal Gauges, select Use gauge table, and select a table .
  3. Under Bend Parameters:
    • On the model, select a linear edge on an end face of a cylindrical or conical face, or select a planar face for Fixed Face or Edge .
      The edge or face remains in place when the part is flattened.
      This step is not necessary if you start your sheet metal part from a Base Flange feature.
    • Set the Bend Radius .
  4. Under Bend Allowance, select from the following: Bend Table, K-Factor, Bend Allowance, Bend Deduction, or Bend Calculation.
    • If you selected K-Factor, Bend Allowance, or Bend Deduction, set a value.
    • If you selected Bend Table or Bend Calculation, select a table from the list, or click Browse to browse to a table.
  5. If you want relief cuts added automatically, select Auto Relief, then select the type of relief cut. If you selected Rectangular or Obround, then you must set a Relief Ratio.
  6. Click .