Welded Corner PropertyManager

The Welded Corner PropertyManager allows you to add a weld bead to the corners of a folded sheet metal part, including miter flanges, edge flanges, and closed corners.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click Welded Corner Tool_WeldedCorner_Sheet_Metal.gif (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Welded Corner, and select one of the corner faces.

Corner to Weld

PM_face.gif Select a side face of a sheet metal corner to be welded Lists the face to begin applying the bead.
select_edge_faces_vertex.png Stopping point Lists the vertex, edge, or face where the bead ends.
  Add fillet
fillet added
no fillet added
PM_Radius.gif Fillet radius
The Fillet radius must be less than a tangent arc connecting the outer edges.
  Add texture Adds a texture to the bead for display purposes.
  Add weld symbol Adds a weld symbol for the created weld.