Hem PropertyManager

To create a hem feature:

  1. In an open sheet metal part, click Hem Tool_Hem_Sheet_Metal.gif on the Sheet Metal toolbar, or click Insert > Sheet Metal > Hem.
  2. In the graphics area, select the edges where you want to add a hem.
    The selected edges appear in Edges PM_sheetmtl_Edge_Flange_Edge.gif.
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Edges:
    • Click Edit Hem Width to edit the sketch of the profile.
    • Select Material Inside PM_Hem_Material_Inside.gif or Bend Outside PM_Hem_Bend_Outside.gif to specify where to add the material.
    • Click Reverse Direction to create the hem on the opposite side of the part.
  4. Under Type and Size:
    1. Click a hem type:
      • Closed PM_hem_closed.gif
      • Open PM_hem_open.gif
      • Tear Drop PM_hem_tear_drop.gif
      • Rolled PM_hem_rolled.gif
    2. Set:
      • Length PM_hem_length.gif (closed and open hems only)
      • Gap Distance PM_hem_gap_distance.gif (open hem only)
      • Angle PM_hem_angle.gif (tear drop and rolled hems only)
      • Radius PM_hem_radius.gif (tear drop and rolled hems only)
  5. Under Miter Gap, set Miter Gap PM_Gap_Distance.gif if you have intersecting hems. Mitered corners are automatically added to intersecting hems, and you can set the gap between these hems.
  6. To use something other than the default bend allowance, select Custom Bend Allowance, and set a bend allowance type and value.
  7. To add relief cuts, select Custom Relief Type, then select the type of relief cut:
    If Custom Relief Type is:
    • Rectangular or Obround and you select Use Relief Ratio, set a value for Ratio.
    • Rectangular or Obround and you clear Use relief ratio, set values for Relief Width PM_Relief_Width.gif and Relief Depth dim_lin_vert_d.png.
    • Tear select Rip PM_CustomRelief_Tear_Rip.gif or Extend PM_CustomRelief_Tear_Extend.gif.
  8. Click .