Decal Masks

A decal mask makes the background of the decal transparent so that you do not see a frame around the decal.

Decal without a mask
Decal with a mask

Types of masks are:

Image mask file

Uses a black and white image to remove sections of the decal. Items in white remain in the decal. Items in black are removed. For example, the following two images represent a decal and its mask.

Selective color mask

From the first image in the PropertyManager, you select the colors to remove. Colors that exactly match the RGB value you select are masked in the original decal image. For example, if ten close shades of gray need to be masked, you need to select all ten colors to correctly create the mask.


Uses the alpha channel of the specified image. Supported file types are .tif and .png.

To specify a decal mask, in the Decal PropertyManager, on the Image tab, select an option under Mask Image.