Example of Rib Feature with Reference Contour Draft

Click Next Reference until you select the contour to use as the reference contour.

You can select only one reference contour on which to base the reference draft.

Set a value for Draft Angle and create the rib.

Imagine the reference contour extends in a straight line through the model. Outward draft is applied in the direction of the Next Reference arrow (to the left of the reference contour line). Draft is applied perpendicular to the face created by the thickened reference contour.

The opposite type of draft, in this case inward draft, is applied to the model on the right side of the reference contour line.

The reference contour plane keeps the Rib Thickness value, while the thickness varies for the planes on which the other contours are located.

Select At sketch plane to apply the thickness to the rib at the sketch plane, or At wall interface to apply the rib thickness where the rib meets the wall.