The Jog tool adds material to a sheet metal part by creating two bends from a sketched line.

Some additional items to note about the Jog tool:
  • The sketch must contain only one line.
  • The line does not need to be horizontal or vertical.
  • The bend line does not have to be the exact length of the faces you are bending.

Creating Jogs

To create a jog feature on a sheet metal part:

  1. Sketch a line on the face of a sheet metal part where you want to create the jog. Alternatively, you can select the jog feature before you create a sketch (but after you select a plane). When you select the jog feature, a sketch opens on the plane.
  2. Click Jog Tool_Jog_Sheet_Metal.gif on the Sheet Metal toolbar, or click Insert > Sheet Metal > Jog.
  3. In the graphics area, select a face for Fixed Face PM_shm_Fixed_Face.gif.
  4. Under Selections, to edit the bend radius, clear Use default radius and Use gauge table (if a sheet metal gauge table has been selected for the part), and type a new value for Bend Radius PM_draft_angle.gif.
  5. Under Jog Offset:
    • Select an item in End Condition.
    • Set a value for Offset Distance PM_distance1.gif.
    • Select Reverse offset to reverse the offset direction. Reverse offset is available when End Condition is set to Offset From Surface.
    • Select a Dimension position: Outside Offset PM_shm_Outside_Offset.gif, Inside Offset PM_shm_Inside_Offset.gif, or Overall Dimension PM_shm_Overall_Dimension.gif.
    • Select Fix projected length if you want the face of the jog to stay the same length.
      In this example, the original length of the tab is preserved if you select the Fix projected length check box. If you clear the Fix projected length check box, no material is added to the tab to make the jog.
      jog_original.gif jog_projected_length.gif jog_no_projected_length.gif
      Original part Fix projected length selected Fix projected length cleared
  6. Under Jog Position, select: Bend Centerline PM_shm_Bend_Centerline.gif, Material Inside PM_Material_Inside.gif, Material Outside bend_pos_mat_out.png Button, or Bend Outside PM_Bend_Outside.gif.
  7. Set a value for Jog Angle PM_angle.gif. If a sheet metal gauge table has been selected for the part, you can select Override value to override the Jog Angle presets with a value that you set.
  8. To use something other than the default bend allowance, select Custom Bend Allowance, and set a bend allowance type and value.
  9. Click .