Resolving Missing Images

Missing images are indicated in the DisplayManager with a icon. You can search for the image or ignore it. During rendering, you are prompted to resolve the path or ignore it.

Search Order

To resolve a file reference, the system searches the following locations in this order:

  1. The path specified in the appearance, decal, or scene PropertyManager and saved in the model.
  2. The folder containing the current model, or for assemblies, the folder containing the part to which the appearance is applied.
  3. The list of Folders specified in Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations, in the order listed.
  4. If not found, the system prompts you to browse for a path.

Handling Missing Images

When an image is missing, an icon appears next to the item's name in the DisplayManager. In the graphics area:
  • For a missing appearance, the area to which the appearance is applied appears black.
  • A missing scene, decal, or decal mask is not displayed.
To resolve a missing image, in the DisplayManager, right-click the entity with a missing image and click one of the following:
  • Find Missing File to browse for the image
  • Ignore Missing File to prevent further searches for the image.

Resolving Missing Images During Rendering

When you render immediately, either by performing a preview or final render, you are prompted to locate missing files. Click Yes to browse for the file or a replacement. Click No to ignore the missing file.

For batch rendering, all missing file references are temporarily set to Ignore Missing File.