Shaded Sketch Contours

You can use the Shaded Sketch Contours setting to view closed sketch contours and sub-contours as shaded entities. You can drag, resize, and apply relations to shaded sketch contours.

When you select the Shaded Sketch Contours setting, only the closed sketch shapes are shaded. This makes it easier to tell if a shape is fully closed or not.

Contours and sub-contours

Contour. A contour is a closed shape.

Sub-contour. A sub-contour is the contour that is formed when you combine contours together.

The Shaded Sketch Contours setting lets you:
  • Drag the shaded area.
  • Apply relations to entities.
  • Make blocks of the shaded sketch selections with the Make Block tool on the shortcut menu.
  • Use the Extruded Boss/Base tool on the context toolbar by right-clicking the shaded sketch.
  • Use shaded contours as input for the Mirror Entities and Offset Entities tools.