Shell Exceptions

In some cases, faces can:

  • Offset more than the minimum radius of curvature
  • Offset into other faces
  • Be eliminated

The SOLIDWORKS software identifies these special cases and solves the topology required to avoid self-intersecting faces.

These exceptions occur mostly when using analytic faces.

Minimum radius of curvature: 5mm

Shell thickness: 10mm

  • Shell thickness exceeds the minimum radius of curvature.
  • Faces offset into other faces.
  • Filleted faces are eliminated in the shell.
  • Self-intersecting faces that are normally created by offsetting the filleted faces are ignored and the adjacent faces are trimmed to create a new edge.
  • Eliminating the filleted faces reduces the number of faces in the shell compared to the part.

Minimum radius of curvature: 4mm

Shell thickness: 5mm

Exception: Shell thickness exceeds the minimum radius of curvature.

Functionality: Some elliptical geometry permits shells that exceed the minimum radius of curvature. The faces are internally split into separate faces to permit this exception.