Working in a Sketch

In an open sketch, the SOLIDWORKS window displays:
  • The CommandManager with the Sketch toolbar active
  • Information about the sketch in the status bar:
    • The coordinates of the pointer’s location when sketching an entity.
    • The state of the sketch: Over Defined, Under Defined, or Fully Defined. See Sketch Geometry Status.
    • The text, “Editing Sketch.” This makes it obvious that you are in sketch mode if the sketch grid is off while you are working.
    • A description of a menu item or button when the pointer is over an item. This description is on the left side of the status bar.
  • A sketch origin

    The sketch origin is displayed in red in an open sketch. Use the sketch origin to help you understand the coordinates of the sketch.

    Every sketch in the part has its own origin, so there usually are multiple sketch origins in a part. When a sketch is open, you cannot turn off the display of its origin.

  • A sketch grid