Components with Multiple Instances

The Equations dialog displays components that are referred by unique instance numbers. You can apply equations to specific instances. This ensures there is no ambiguity about the instance referenced in each equation.

For example, the following equations refer to the same part BigAndSmall, which has instances <1> and <2>. In the Equations dialog, you can select which instance to apply to an equation.

"HoleWidth@Sketch1" = "Width@Sketch1@BigAndSmall<2>.Part"
"HoleDepth@Cut-Extrude1" = "Depth@Boss-Extrude1@BigAndSmall<1>.Part" / 2.0
"HoleWidthOffset@Sketch1" = ("Width@Sketch1@BigAndSmall<1>.Part" / 2) - ("Width@Sketch1@BigAndSmall<2>.Part" / 2)
The instance number is always enclosed in < > angle brackets.

In previous releases, the software did not display the instance number. Instead, it selected the latest instance and action that was available in memory.