Corner Reliefs and Bend Transitions

You can apply corner treatments to a folded sheet metal body that will persist in the flattened state. You can view how the corner treatment impacts the folded sheet metal body and how it carries over to the flat pattern.

You can use the following corner treatment types:

Rectangular Sheet_metal_corner_relief_rectangular
Circular Sheet_metal_corner_relief_circular
Tear Sheet_metal_corner_relief_tear
Obround Sheet_metal_corner_relief_obround
Constant Width Sheet_metal_corner_relief_arc_weld
Full Round

You can create configuration-specific corner reliefs and suppress or unsuppress them within configurations. For example, for configuration A, you can define a corner relief by selecting all corners and applying a circular relief. In configuration B, you can select all corners and apply a rectangular relief that is suppressed in configuration A and vice versa.