Cross Breaks

In HVAC or duct work design, cross breaks are used to stiffen sheet metal. The Cross Break command lets you insert a graphical representation of a cross break in a sheet metal part.

The cross break is not a geometric entity and does not alter the geometry of the part. You add it to provide the information needed to create the cross break during manufacturing.
Cross break characteristics:
  • You can flatten a sheet metal part with a cross break.
  • You can add edge, miter, or swept flanges to the edge of a face that contains a cross break.
    The corners of the cross break must be at the ends of the edge.
  • The dimensions of a part with a cross break are not changed.
  • You can edit the cross break sketch to move corners and change relationships.
  • When you create a drawing of a sheet metal part with a cross break, the flattened view is labeled with the bend direction, bend radius, and bend angle.