Document Windows

In SOLIDWORKS, each part, assembly, and drawing is referred to as a document, and each document is displayed in a separate window. For drawings, each document can contain multiple drawing sheets.

  • The main section of the window, where the model or drawing appears, is the graphics area.
  • The left panel displays managers such as the FeatureManager design tree, the PropertyManager, the ConfigurationManager: CAD Family, and the ConfigurationManager.
  • You can open multiple part, assembly, and drawing document windows. Also, you can have multiple views of the same document visible at the same time by opening a new window or by using viewports.
  • You can hover over the title bar of a minimized document to see its name, thumbnail, and path. Click Window > Arrange Icons to arrange the minimized documents starting in the lower-left corner of the window.
  • Full Screen Mode hides the menus, status bar, Task Pane, and FeatureManager design tree to gain space in the graphics area. You can change the visibility of open toolbars and the FeatureManager design tree separately.
  • An asterisk (*) next to the document name in the menu bar indicates that the document has changed since it was last saved.

New Window

Creates a new window, with another view of the original document, for viewing the active part, assembly, or drawing.

You can zoom or rotate the view, change view mode, adjust the FeatureManager design tree, and so on for each window independently. Any changes you make to the model are reflected in all windows.

To open another view of the active document in a new window:

Click New Window Tool_New_Window_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar) or Window > New Window.


Arranges all SOLIDWORKS document windows so they overlap with title bars visible.

To cascade document windows:

Click Window > Cascade.

Tile Horizontally - Tile Vertically

Arranges the open SOLIDWORKS document windows so they are all visible.

If you have many SOLIDWORKS documents open, the display is vertical and horizontal. Minimized documents are not tiled.

To tile the document windows:

  • Click Tile Horizontally Tool_Tile_Horizontally_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar) or Window > Tile Horizontally to display the windows horizontally.
  • Click Tile Vertically Tool_Tile_Vertically_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar) or Window > Tile Vertically to display the windows vertically.