Error Message - Arial Unicode MS Font Not Installed

If non-English characters are missing when you export text to PDF files, you need to install the Arial Unicode MS font.

When you save a drawing document as a PDF file, and the drawing contains non-English (non-ASCII) characters, the appropriate fonts must be available to render the characters. If the specified font is not installed on your computer or does not support Unicode character glyphs, then the Arial Unicode MS font is used. If the Arial Unicode MS font is also missing, then the characters fail to render.

The Arial Unicode MS font is not provided with Microsoft® Office® 2016 software.


To install the Arial Unicode MS font, install both of these:
  • Microsoft® Office® Professional Plus 2013 (minimal installation with only International Options enabled)
  • Microsoft® Office® (2016 or later)
For information about installing fonts, browse to Microsoft support and search for How to install fonts. If you need assistance with installing the fonts, contact your SOLIDWORKS Reseller for technical support.