Examination of the FeatureManager Design Tree

A Base Flange feature creates three new features in the FeatureManager design tree:

Sheet-Metal folder

You can define the default behavior that controls whether sheet metal bodies follow the parameters defined in the Sheet-Metal folder in the FeatureManager design tree. The Sheet-Metal folder contains sheet metal definitions for individual sheet metal bodies. In this folder, you can define common sheet metal parameters for all bodies or have individual settings for each body.

To override the parameters in the Sheet Metal folder, see Document Properties - Sheet Metal.

Sheet-Metal1 Contains the default bend parameters. To edit the default bend radius, bend allowance, bend deduction, or default relief type, right-click Sheet-Metal1 and select Edit Feature.
Base-Flange1 Represents the first solid feature of the sheet metal part.
Flat-Pattern1 Flat-Pattern1 is in the Flat-Pattern folder and it flattens the sheet metal part. It is suppressed by default as the part is in its bent state. Unsuppress the feature to flatten the sheet metal part. When Flat-Pattern1 is:
  • suppressed, all new features are inserted above it in the FeatureManager design tree
  • unsuppressed, all new features are inserted below in the FeatureManager design tree and are not shown in the folded part

Sheet metal models created prior to SOLIDWORKS 2013 use a different architecture that does not include the Sheet-Metal and Flat-Pattern folders. If document templates use this old architecture, you must recreate them in SOLIDWORKS 2013 or later.

Models created prior to SOLIDWORKS 2013 Models created after SOLIDWORKS 2013