Hiding and Showing Bodies

Toggling the Visibility of Bodies

You can toggle the visibility of solid and surface bodies by moving the pointer over the body in the graphics area and clicking Tab to hide or Shift + Tab to show.

In addition, you can show one or more hidden bodies by moving the pointer to the graphics area, and pressing and holding Ctrl + Shift + Tab. Hidden bodies will temporarily display as transparent and can be changed to show by clicking them.
This shortcut works only on assembly components. It does not work on child bodies within those components.

To assign other keyboard shortcuts to these actions, click Tools > Customize.

Selecting Hidden Bodies

To select hidden bodies to be shown:

  1. Right-click in the graphics area and select Show Hidden Bodies.
    All bodies that were hidden are now shown, and all bodies that were visible are now hidden.
    The Show Hidden Bodies command is available to add to toolbars and the CommandManager. Click Tools > Customize. On the Commands tab, click Features and drop Show Hidden Bodies to the desired location.
  2. In the dialog box, click Exit Show Hidden.
    The multibody part that was originally shown reappears.

Isolate in Multibody Parts

In multibody parts, the Isolate command sets all bodies except the selected ones to be hidden or transparent, enabling you to focus on the selected bodies. When you exit Isolate, the display returns to its original state without any permanent changes.

To isolate bodies:

  1. Select the bodies to isolate.
  2. Click View > Display > Isolate or right-click and select Isolate.
  3. On the Isolate pop-up toolbar, you can click one of the following to change the Visibility of Removed Bodies:
  4. Optionally, click Save as Display State to save the display characteristics to a new display state.
  5. When you are done working on the isolated bodies, click Exit Isolate.
    The model returns to its original display state.