Hyperlinks in Notes

You can add an embedded hyperlink in a note, or you can add a floating hyperlink in any SOLIDWORKS document. The hyperlink can be to a document on the Internet, on your local network, or on your own hard drive.

If the link is to a web site, selecting the hyperlink opens the associated URL (Web site). If the link is to a SOLIDWORKS document, clicking the link opens the document. If the link is to another type of document, such as a Word or Excel file, clicking the hyperlink launches the appropriate application, and opens the document.

The actual path of a hyperlink embedded in a note does not appear in the note text. A hyperlinked note is displayed in blue; when the pointer moves over a note that contains a hyperlink, the pointer changes to a hand Pointer_Hyperlink.gif, and the tooltip indicates the path of the link.

Because clicking a hyperlinked note activates the link, moving or editing a hyperlinked note can be difficult. Box-select the hyperlink to display the handles around it. Drag any of the handles (the pointer changes to when over a handle) to move the hyperlink.

Inserting an Embedded Hyperlink

To insert an embedded hyperlink:

  1. Create a note, and click Insert Hyperlink in the Note PropertyManager.
  2. Enter the path (or browse to the document) to which you want to link the note text. For a World Wide Web location, enter the website name in the format www.website.com. (You do not need to enter HTTP://)
  3. Click Use relative path for hyperlink if you want to the specify a directory path relative to the current location instead of the full pathname.
  4. Click OK to accept the path.

Inserting a Floating Hyperlink

To insert an embedded hyperlink:

  1. Click Insert Hyperlink (Web toolbar) or Insert > Hyperlink.
  2. Enter the path (or browse to the document) and click OK.
  3. If you edit the properties of a floating hyperlink, you will see that it is a note, the text of which is $URL (a variable representing the path of the link).