Sheet Metal Gauge/Bend Table

Sheet metal gauge/bend tables store properties for a designated material. A single table lets you associate a bend allowance, bend radius, or k-factor with any combination of thickness, bend radius, and material.

You can also use individual gauge tables and bend tables. See Sheet Metal Gauge Table and Bend Table Overview.
You can access the sheet metal gauge/bend table:
  • While creating the base flange, from the Base Flange PropertyManager.
  • After creating the base flange, by right-clicking Sheet Metal in the FeatureManager design tree and selecting Edit Feature.

Tables are included in the SOLIDWORKS application, and are located in: <install_dir>\lang\<language>\Sheet Metal Gauge Tables\.

Both gauge/bend table and gauge tables are included. You can use them as templates to create your own tables.

The following shows a combined gauge/bend table. For each gauge number (thickness), you can select from a range of radii and angles.