Sort and Filter Equations

Sorting and filtering capabilities make it much easier to find equations and global variables and see how they are related. Sorting and filtering work in all views of the Equations dialog box.


  1. Select any view in the Equations dialog box.
  2. Click any column heading. A small arrow appears on the right side of the cell.


  3. Click once to sort in ascending order.
  4. Click a second time to sort in descending order.
  5. Click a third time to return the rows to the original order.

Creating a Filter

  1. Select any view in the Equations dialog box.
  2. Enter your filter criteria in the Filter field and press Enter.
    The filter returns results that contain characters in any column. For example, entering ov might return the global variable overall length, an equation that includes overall length as one of its terms, and another equation that has a comment Don’t overlook the ring.
  3. Continue to enter criteria until you find the desired global variable, feature, or equation.
  4. Clear the filter by clicking X in the Filter field.