Swept Flanges for Conical and Cylindrical Bodies

The Cylindrical/Conical Bodies section of the Swept Flange PropertyManager lets you select a linear sketch entity that propagates to the flat pattern as a fixed entity.

The Cylindrical/Conical Bodies option is only available when the selected path along which the profile sweeps is a sketch.

With the Swept Flange tool, you can use composite sketch contours that are swept along a circular path. When you select a linear sketch entity to propagate, the software can correctly flatten cylindrical or conical shapes that include features such as rolled ribs or flanges that have been added as seams.

To specify a cylindrical flat pattern, you select a sketch entity that is horizontal or vertical with respect to the sweep path. To specify a conical flat pattern, you select a slanted sketch entity.

Without the Cylindrical/Conical Bodies option, when you flatten a conical body, the flattened shape is a rectangle.

Sheet_metal_conical_sweep1 Sheet_metal_conical_sweep2
Conical shape Flattened without using the Cylindrical/Conical Bodies option

When you use the Cylindrical/Conical Bodies option to select a slanted sketch entity, the flattened pattern is conical.

Sheet_metal_conical_sweep3 Sheet_metal_conical_sweep4
Slanted sketch entity selected Resulting conical flattened pattern