Transforming Textural Appearances with the 3D Texture Tool

The 3D Texture tool transforms textural appearances on parts into geometry. You can use the resulting graphics body for manufacturing, especially 3D printing, or you can manipulate the geometry further by converting it into a mesh BREP body.

Unless a part already has a textural appearance, the process has two steps. First, you map a textural appearance to a model using texture mapping functionality. Second, you use the 3D Texture tool to define the geometry for the textural appearance and create the 3D Texture feature.

In this example, you start with a sample model of a spray gun. You apply a textural appearance to the spray gun's handle, map the textural appearance for fit, then use the 3D Texture tool to create and configure grip bumps on the handle. You can then 3D print the model with the bumps.