Decals Mapping Cylindrical

Cylindrical mapping applies to cylindrical objects, including objects with a periodic surface and a start and end point; for example, cones and lofts.

The axis for positioning the decal is calculated from UV lines.


  Mapping type When you select Cylindrical, you can specify the direction of the reference axis and the position of the decal relative to the axis.
Axis direction Specify the direction of decal reference axis to be XY, ZX, YZ, Current View, or Selected Reference.
  • When you select Current View, the decal axis changes to the up direction in the current view orientation. If you change the view orientation, click Update to Current to update the direction of the projection onto the cylinder to the new current view.
  • When you choose Selected Reference, a selection box is available. Select a face, plane, axis, or edge in the graphics area. If you select an axis or edge, a reference plane is created normal to axis or edge at its end point.
PM_About_Axis.gif About axis Move the decal around the cylinder at the specified angle from the reference axis.
Along axis Move the decal vertically at the specified distance along the reference axis.