Decals Mapping Spherical

Spherical mapping applies to spherical objects, including partial spheres.


Images are essentially zero dimension at the center of the sphere and expand with the size of the sphere as they are projected onto the inside of the sphere. Images converge as they approach a pole.

  Mapping type When you select Spherical, latitude and longitude lines appear in the graphics area circumscribing a bounding box around the object. The decal reference axis goes from the south pole to the north pole.
Offset latitude Specify the angle of the decal from zero latitude, up to 360° around the sphere.
PM_Decals_Mapping_Offset_Longitude.gif Offset longitude Specify the angle of the decal from zero longitude, up to 180° up and down (from pole to pole).


In addition to the options for all mapping types, spherical mapping includes control of the frame (i.e., orientation of the latitude and longitude lines, including the positions of the poles). The default position of the poles is aligned with the world space X axis (shown in the reference triad).
PM_Decals_Mapping_Spherical_Axis_1.gif Axis direction 1 Rotates the longitude lines around the Z axis, which might have been rotated by Axis direction 2.
PM_Decals_Mapping_Spherical_Axis_2.gif Axis direction 2 Revolves the latitude lines around the Y axis.