Defeature PropertyManager

You specify which model details to keep and remove in the Defeature PropertyManager.

To open this PropertyManager:

  1. Click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature.
  2. Select a defeature method:
    Simplify Geometry Removes selected components and geometry details from the top-level assembly.
    Silhouette Creates a simplified part from the silhouette outlines of components and bodies.
  3. Specify options in the PropertyManager.

    The PropertyManager has multiple pages. Different pages are available depending on the defeature method and the model type.

    Silhouette Simplify Geometry - Assembly Simplify Geometry - Multibody Part Simplify Geometry - Single-body Part Page Description
          Apply Defeature Rule Sets Creates a set of rules to simplify the components in a model.
          Define Groups Specifies groups and a simplification method.
          Simplifying Model Simplifies the defeature group and lists unprocessed entities.
          Components Specifies components to remove.
          Bodies Specifies bodies to remove.
          Motion Defines groups of components from which you remove details. Motion is allowed between groups, but not between components within a group.
      To Keep Specifies items to retain that might otherwise be removed.
      To Remove Specifies items to remove that are not automatically removed.
    Feature Removal Complete Saves the less-detailed model in a separate file.

    Select the Silhouette method to save a defeatured assembly as a configuration.

    Allows you to link the defeatured model to the original.

    Click Next and Back to move between pages.