Sketch Picture PropertyManager: Page 2

The second page of the Sketch Picture PropertyManager enables you to trace outlines or select areas by color to create vector data using the Autotrace tool. This tool creates a sketch that you can save and edit as needed.

Some uses include converting:
  • Company logos
  • Scanned geometric designs:

The second page of the Sketch Picture PropertyManager is only available by enabling the Autotrace tool as an add-in. Click Tools > Add-Ins and select Autotrace in the dialog box.

From the first page of the PropertyManager, click PM_next.gif, and in the second page, apply these parameters to convert raster data to vector data:

Trace Settings

  Selection Tools

Use to select rectangular areas

Select rectangular areas.

Use to select freehand areas

Select irregularly shaped areas by tracing consecutive straight and curved lines.

Use to select polygonal areas

Select polygonal areas by tracing consecutive straight lines.

Use to select color

Select area based on color.

PM_ColorSelected_AutoTrace.gif Indicates color selected with Use to select color selection tool.
  Begin Trace Displays the results of your area or color selection.

Preview Settings

Show source image  
Show traced geometry Select or clear to display the traced geometry selected for conversion.
show_trace_geometry_cleared.gif show_trace_geometry_selected.gif
Show source image selected Show source image and Show traced geometry selected
show_trace_sel-show source-clear.gif
Show source image cleared and Show traced geometry selected


All sliders adjust the level of the source image.
Image brightness Adjusts the luminance level.
Image contrast Adjusts the difference between light and dark areas.
Color tolerance Adjusts the degree to which the application recognizes the selected color.
Recognition tolerance Adjusts the degree to which the trace you created matches the geometry.

Video: Auto Trace Recognition Tolerance


Apply Click Apply to validate the trace geometry.
The trace geometry does not become SOLIDWORKS geometry that you can save as a .sldprt file until after you exit the Sketch Picture PropertyManager.