Bounding Box PropertyManager

You can create bounding boxes around models to help you determine the space required to ship and package products.

To open the Bounding Box PropertyManager:

In a part, click Insert > Reference Geometry > Bounding Box.

Specify these options to create a bounding box. For the Bounding Box PropertyManager for assemblies, see Bounding Box PropertyManager

Type of Bounding Box

Rectangular Creates a rectangular bounding box.

Cylindrical Creates a cylindrical bounding box that is best suited for cylindrical-shaped models.

Reference Face/Plane

Best Fit Uses the X-Y plane for the orientation of the bounding box.
Custom Plane Specifies a reference plane to use for the bounding box.


Include hidden bodies Includes bodies that are hidden at the part level in the bounding box calculations.
Include surfaces Includes surface bodies in the bounding box calculations.
Show Preview Displays a preview of the bounding box in the graphics area.