Break View PropertyManager

To open the Break View PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Create a new Break View in a drawing.
  • Select an existing Break View.

Break View Settings

Cut direction

Add vertical break line


Add horizontal break line


Gap size Sets the amount of space between the gap.
Break line style

Straight Cut

Curve Cut

Zig Zag Cut

Small Zig Zag Cut

Jagged Cut

Move the Shape Intensity slider to change the intensity of the jagged edges.

Break sketch blocks Select to clip the sketch blocks.
  Break sketch blocks selected
  Break sketch blocks cleared

Save View As

Expand Save View As to save a drawing view as a Dxf or Dwg file. Optionally, drag the point manipulator block_Base_Point.gif to set the origin in the file and click Save View As DXF/DWG Tool_Save_As_Standard.gif. Set the options in the Save As dialog box.
Export only model geometry ignores other sketch annotations that are associated with the selected view.