Creating a Single Physical Product

You can use Remove CAD Family to designate a part or an assembly as a single physical product.

When you remove the CAD Family, the following changes occur:
  • The part or assembly becomes a physical product.
  • If the physical product is the active configuration, SOLIDWORKS uses the physical product as the single physical product. If the representation is the active configuration, SOLIDWORKS uses the parent physical product of the representation as the single physical product.
  • Other configurations change to representations of the single physical product.
  • Inserts new physical product is disabled.
  • The ConfigurationManager title changes from Configurations: <CAD Family> to Configurations.

When you have a single physical product, you can change the configuration used for the physical product. Right-click a representation and click Convert to Physical Product .

You can add a CAD Family object to a single physical product. Right-click the physical product and click Create CAD Family.

You cannot use Convert to Physical Product on the following configurations:
  • Speedpak configurations
  • Exploded views
  • Model Break views
  • Defeature configurations
  • Child configurations that required a parent configuration
To create a single physical product:
  1. Open a model that has multiple physical products.
  2. Right-click the CAD Family and click Remove CAD Family.