File Locations Dialog Box

To access the File Locations dialog box:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In File Explorer on Windows 10, right-click a SOLIDWORKS document and click SOLIDWORKS > Rename, Remove, or Move.
    • In File Explorer on Windows 11, right-click a SOLIDWORKS file and click Show More Options > SOLIDWORKS, and select Rename, Replace, or Remove.
    • In SOLIDWORKS, click File > Pack and Go.
  2. In the Rename Document, Replace Document, Move Document, or Pack and Go dialog box, click the File Locations link.

Contains/Where Used

File Path Lists folders to search for models for Contains and Where Used.
Add Adds a folder to the folder path.
Remove Removes the selected folder from the folder path.
Include subfolders Includes the subfolders of the added folders to search for.