Flat-Pattern PropertyManager

To open this PropertyManager, in the FeatureManager design tree of a sheet metal part, right-click Flat-Pattern1 and click Edit Feature.


Fixed face Specifies a face that does not move.
Merge faces Merges faces that are planar and coincident in the flat pattern.

When selected, no lines appear in the bend regions.

Merge faces selected

Merge faces cleared

Retain Scribed Faces In sheet metal parts with inscribed text or split line features on the bend face, this option keeps the text or split line intact when you flatten, unfold, or fold the part.

For conical bends, the text or split line only appears in the flattened state when the conical face is an analytical face. To determine whether the face is analytical, create an axis by selecting the conical face. If the conical face is analytical, you can create the axis.

Folded part Retain Scribed Faces selected Retain Scribed Faces cleared
Simplify bends Straightens any curved edges in the flat pattern.

When selected, any curves are straightened out in the flat pattern. When cleared, complex edges remain in the flat pattern.

Simplify bends selected

Simplify bends cleared

Show Slit Shows slits that are added for some corner relief features.

When you create a rectangular or circular corner relief that is smaller than the bend area, a slit is added so that the part can still be bent. Selecting Show Slit makes the slit available in the flat pattern.

Show Slit selected

Show Slit cleared

Corner Options

Corner treatment Applies smooth edges in the flat pattern.

Grain Direction

Grain direction Specifies an edge or line in the graphics area.

Faces To Exclude

Faces to exclude Specifies any faces in the graphics area that you do not want in the flat pattern. (You may want to exclude faces when the faces interfere with bends.) Select the front and back of each face to exclude.
Original part Faces to exclude - select the front and back of each face Flat pattern