Make Multibody Part PropertyManager

The Make Multibody Part tool converts an entire assembly into a separate, single multibody part that is linked to the parent assembly. The multibody part reflects all the assembly features that you create in the parent assembly. Features that you create on the multibody part will not be reflected in the parent assembly. You can perform post-assembly operations on the multibody part, such as material removal, and these appear in downstream platform applications.

To open the PropertyManager, in an assembly, click Tools > Make Multibody Part.


If the assembly has multiple configurations, specifies the configuration to use to create the multibody part.


Specifies the entities from the assembly to include in the multibody part. The tool groups the entities into folders that show the number of instances.

Assembly features in the main assembly or any subassembly are transferred to the multibody part.
Solid bodies These are included by default.
Surface bodies  
Coordinate systems  
Material Body-level material takes precedence over part-level material.


Break link to original assembly Breaks references between the multibody part and the original assembly so you can independently edit the features in one file without affecting the other file.

Visual Properties

Propagate from original assembly Propagates color assignments from the components of the original assembly to the multibody part, including colors assigned to the parts, bodies, features, and faces.