Normal Cut PropertyManager

To open the Normal Cut PropertyManager:

  1. Open a sheet metal part that has a cut with non-normal side walls.
  2. Click Normal Cut (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Normal Cut.


Groups Lists the connected faces to cut.
New Group Creates another group of faces to cut.

Faces For Normal Cut

Face Lists the face to cut.
  Auto Propagation Applies the cut to connected faces.
  Cut Direction Defines the Edge/Curve/Face that sets the direction of the cut.
  Optimize Geometry Smoothly connects the projection of the top and bottom faces into an optimized sketch that removes any unintended notches. The notches can be visible by zooming in to the hole.

Normal Cut Parameters

Extent Cuts the maximum amount from the intersection profiles on the top and the bottom of the sheet metal body.
Offset plane Adjusts the layer where the intersection curve intersects the sheet metal body. Select a top or bottom face to define the plane. You can select Link to K-Factor or set a value between 0 and 1 define the offset plane.
Show Preview Graphics Displays a preview of the cut.