Profile PropertyManager

To open the Profile PropertyManager:

  1. Click Insert > Structure System > Structure System.
  2. Click Primary Member or Secondary Member.
  3. In the PropertyManager, click Profile tab.


Standard Select iso, ansi inch, or a custom standard that you previously defined.
Type Select a profile type, such as angle iron or square tube.
Size Select a size, such as 20 x 20 x 3.

The size list is sorted alphanumerically from the smallest size to the largest to make it easier to work with a library that contains a large number of standard-size components.

In addition, the two sizes you have most recently used appear at the top of the menu so you can locate them.

Additional weldment profiles are available on the Design Library tab. Under SOLIDWORKS Content , in the Weldments folder, Ctrl + click items to download .zip files.
Transfer Material from Profile Transfers the material of the selected library profile if the profile has a material assigned to it.
Mirror Profile Flips the profile of the members about its Horizontal Axis or Vertical Axis.

Pierce Point

Selection Select the pierce points in the graphics area.
Optionally, you can also select the predefined pierce point such as Center or Top Left from the list.
Offset Pierce Point Select to enter the offset value horizontally or vertically.
Horizontal Axis Offsets the profile along the X-axis by the specified value.
Vertical Axis Offsets the profile along the Y-axis by the specified value.
Profile Alignment Aligns an axis of the group profile to any selected vector such as an edge, construction line. Select which axis of the profile to align:
  • Horizontal axis
  • Vertical axis


Select the configurations to apply to the structural member:
  • This configuration
  • All configurations
  • Specify configurations