Sketch Driven Component Pattern PropertyManager

You can use the Sketch Driven Pattern PropertyManager to create sketch patterns.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click Linear Component Pattern > Sketch Driven Component Pattern (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component Pattern > Sketch Driven.


Reference Sketch Specifies a sketch to use as the pattern.
  Reference point Select a reference point:
  • Bounding box center
  • Component origin
  • Selected point
Select reference point Specifies a point to use for the Selected point.

Available when you select Selected point.

Components to Pattern

Components to Pattern Specifies the seed components.

Instances to Skip

Instances to Skip Skips the pattern instances that you select in the graphics area.

To skip an instance, click in Instances to skip . In the graphics area, pink selection orbs display on the pattern instances. The pointer changes to when you hover over each pattern instance and the coordinates of the pattern instance appear. Click a selection orb and click Skip Instance.

To restore a skipped instance, click the selection orb and click Unskip instance.

Select This Configuration , All Configurations , or Specify Configurations to apply the skipped instances to the selected configurations.


Synchronize configuration of patterned components to seed Blocks changes to the configuration of patterned instances for all configurations.

Selecting this option may change some patterned component instances to match the configuration of the seed component.