Tab and Slot PropertyManager

The Tab and Slot feature is available in all parts, not just sheet metal parts.

To open the Tab and Slot PropertyManager:

  1. In a part, click Tab and Slot (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Tab and Slot.


  Group List Lists the selections that define each tab and slot feature. A group is a selection of an edge and the corresponding face that belong to two identical bodies or components to define several tab and slot locations in one feature. Each group can have different tab and slot parameters.
  Link Groups Together

Links groups of tab and slot features together so that all parameters apply uniformly to the features.

If you edit a parameter for a linked group, all of the tab and slot features in the group update accordingly.

  New Group Creates another tab and slot group from the selected edge and face.
Tab Edge Defines the edge for the tabs.
Slot Face Defines the face for the slots.
Tab Face Defines the face for the tabs.
Start Reference Point Sets the start location of the tabs.
End Reference Point Sets the end location of the tabs.


If you want the tabs and slots to span the entire edge of the model, set these values to zero.

Start Offset Sets the location to start the tabs.
End Offset Sets the location to end the tabs.


Equal Spacing Sets an equal distance between tabs. Set the Number of Instances .
Spacing Length Sets the number of instances based on the distance you set in Spacing .


Length Defines the tab length.
Thickness (Available in non-sheet metal parts.) Defines the tab thickness. Select a face for Offset Plane where the tabs attach.


Lets you set the Tab Height Value.

Up To Surface

Sets the tab height up to the Slot Face.

Offset From Surface

Lets you set the Tab Offset Value that is measured from the Slot Face.

Edges Type Lets you set the tab edge treatments.

Sharp Edge

Fillet Edge

Set the Radius .

Chamfer Edge

Set the Chamfer Edge Treatment Value .


  No Through Cut

Slots are always created as through all cuts unless the cuts are impractical. If you do not want a through all cut, select this option.

If a through cut is impractical for the model (for example, models with a single body), No Through Cut is unavailable.

  Normal Cut Specifies that the slot is normal to the sheet even if the tab is at an angle to the slot.

Slots that are normal to are essential in the manufacturing process.

Slot Length Offset Sets the offset value for slot length.
Slot Width Offset Sets the offset value for slot width.
  Equal offset Sets equal values for Slot Length Offset and Slot Width Offset.
  Corner Type Sets the type of corners for slots.

Slot sharp corner

Slot fillet corner

Set the Slot corner fillet value .

Slot chamfer corner

Set the Slot corner chamfer value .

Slot circular corner

Set the Slot corner circular cutout value .