Creating Virtual Sharps

A virtual sharp creates a sketch point at the virtual intersection point of two sketch entities. Dimensions and relations to the virtual intersection point are retained even if the actual intersection no longer exists, such as when a corner is removed by a fillet or chamfer.

Virtual sharps appear automatically in 3D sketches for:
  • Fillets
  • Sketch Chamfers

You can delete the automatic virtual sharps.

You can add dimensions and relations to virtual sharps in 3D sketches.

To create a virtual sharp:

  1. In an open sketch, hold down Ctrl and select two sketch entities.
  2. Click Point Tool_Point_Sketch.gif (Sketch toolbar) or click Tools > Sketch Entities > Point.
    A virtual sharp appears at the point where the sketch entities would intersect.
    Set the virtual sharp display style in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Virtual Sharps.