Editing Derived Parts

You can edit the original part used to create a derived part.

Derived part documents have some limitations:
  • You can only add features in a derived part document.
  • You cannot delete or modify the features of the original part in the derived part document.
  • You can only edit the original part in its own window.
  • You cannot change the configuration of a derived component part using the External References For dialog box.
Derived parts retain their references when you modify the original body using Boolean operations with features such as combine, cut extrude, split, and core.

To edit the original part from which another part is derived:

  1. Right-click the derived part, and select Edit In Context.
    If the part was derived using an insert part or a mirror part, the original part document is opened. If the part was derived from an assembly component, the assembly document is opened.
  2. Change the original part as needed.
    The changes are reflected in any derived parts that have an external reference to the original part.