Editing Notes and Note Positions

To add and position sheet metal bend notes:

  1. Click Make Drawing from Part/Assembly tool_Make_Drawing_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar).
  2. Open a drawing sheet.
  3. Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Sheet Metal.
  4. In the dialog box, under Bend notes, select Display sheet metal bend notes.
  5. In the View Palette, drag the flat pattern view into the graphics area.
  6. Click .
    If the font is too large, block-select the bend notes, and in the PropertyManager, under Text Format, clear Use document font, click Font, and resize.
  7. Select bend notes individually to:
    • Drag into a legible position
    • Rotate the note
    • Add leaders
    You cannot individually delete bend notes, but you can right-click the bend note, and select Hide.
    If you click Flip view in the PropertyManager, or edit the flat pattern feature and change the Fixed face to the opposite side, the sheet metal bend line notes for UP or DOWN reverse to accommodate the change.
    flip_view_down.gif flip_view_up.gif